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Doctor detained for raping teen ‘several times’

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KABUL: The Afghan security forces have arrested a doctor who is charged with the rape of a 10-year-old child repeatedly. The First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh disclosed the issue during his regular 06:30 morning session on Saturday. Mr. Saleh in a statement identified the doctor as Sefat Assadullah who works at Zulfiqar hospital in Kabul.

The ministry of health was instructed to cancel the doctor’s degree and medical proficiency after the determination of his prison term.

Earlier, the human rights watchdogs blamed the Afghan government for being failed to prosecute and hold the alleged sexual abuse criminals accountable.  “The Afghan government should take immediate steps to provide justice, support victims, and protect witnesses,” said Patricia Grossman, Human Rights Watch’s Asia director.

According to Saleh’s statement, an 11 year old boy, whose name is Idrees, was arrested among the 11 Taliban by the Afghan security forces. The boy was persuaded to carry out suicide attack, Saleh said, adding that his father was also detained on charge of hiding his son’s membership in the Taliban command.

“Fortunately, a catastrophe was averted,” he said, while praising the Afghan security forces. The boy’s family lives in PD 5th of Kabul city.

Save the Children, a UK based organization placed Afghanistan among the deadliest countries in the world. The organization said in a statement that over 26,000 Afghan children were killed or maimed in the server conflicts during the past 15 years in Afghanistan.

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