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“Donors’ negligence paves way for corruption”

AT-KABUL: A member of senate accused the donor countries of negligence that he believes paved the ground for corruption.

Azim Qoyash, head of senate’s national economy commission, said Saturday that billions of dollars had been misused from foreign aidthat demands a widespread probe.

Qoyash said that the negligence by donor states particularly the United States and Afghan government paved the ground for an expanded corruption in the war-hit country.

“Both Afghan government and the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction should launch anassessmentregarding the corruption. The assessment will say where corruption is and who is corrupt. Then the corrupt people will be prosecuted by the judiciary body,” Qoyash said.

The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) had said last week that the US aides were given to Afghan government sometimes through canals of corruption. It added that the aides canals complicated coordination between US departments and silence against that meant support for corrupt people.

The SIGAR has said in a report that foreign experts working in coordinating the donations did not have experience about the post-war countries. It had earlier reported that some officials in the Afghan army had hands in illegally sale of the fuel to the black market.

Ministry of Economy calls corruption a big challenge in the country, saying it severely affected investment and economic activities.

“You can see the experience in other countries that fight against corruption did not take place in short terms. But the government of Afghanistan is committed serious in struggle against corruption, because corruption not only slows down economic activities, but harms other sectors as well,” said Sohrab Bahman, spokesman for ministry of economy.

He listed corruption third affecting people’s lives after insecurity and poverty, saying that the government was making serious efforts to eradicate this phenomenon.

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