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Don’t beg for peace, dismantle terrorists instead; Senators

AT-KABUL: As full-fledged efforts of the government and its allies are underway to resuscitate an ailing reconciliation initiative, a handful of senators on Saturday heaped scorns on what they called the “policy of begging for peace” which would prove counterproductive, saying that stringent measures to dismantle terrorist networks were more binding and would pay offinstead.

Senators believed that the government should change operational posture of national defense and security forces from being defensive to offensive.

They said that the Taliban restarted their hostilities against government forces and personnel after the three-day truce and continued to deny reconciling.

They attacked many targeted right after cease-fire ended, said senator Mahyudin Monsif who was dismissive of the government’s weak stance towards peace process. He said “peace can’t be achieved through begging, rather through well-defined agendas”.

“Terrorists permeated into cities during the days that fighting was on hold, making the security situation more dangerous as terrorist continue to pry upon such opportunities,” said Senator Mohammad Alam Eizadyar, who pointed out the assassination of Commander Karwan in Kabul city by terrorists. “This should serve as a wake-up call for the government,” he said.

In the meantime, the Chairman of Senate, Fazl Hadi Muslimyar, called on the government to take drastic action against those killing the people.

“People want peace, but the outsiders impose war on us. The government should take serious measure and treat those killing the people like convicts. The judiciary institutions have to be especially serious in this regard,” Muslimyar added.

In addition, Senators in the upper house of parliament emphasized that the increased spread of insecurity has made life difficult for people. It will spark grave crisis unless managed and stopped by the intervention of international community.

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