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Don’t interfere in Afghanistan: MPs tell John Kerry

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL:  The Lower House of parliament on Monday strongly criticized US Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks, asking Washington to refrain political interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

In his Saturday’s visit to Kabul, Kerry highlighted that the agreement which the National Unity Government signed by Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah would prolong for five years.

According to the political agreement, a Loya Jirga would be called to bring amendments in the constitution and decide about the chief executive’s post.

Kerry was believed to solve problems between Ghani and Abdullah.

Lawmakers accused Kerry of violating Afghan constitution, saying that the US does not have the right to decide about Afghanistan.

Mohammad Sarwar Usmani, MP from Farah province, said that President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah vowed to hold the Constitutional Loya Jirga after two years tenure.

He stressed that the government’s continuation without holding Constitutional Loya Jirga was the violation of the political agreement and the Afghan constitution.

“All the insecurity in Afghanistan is due to lack of US honesty and what Washington promised to help the Afghan National Security Forces with military equipment and help us stand against interferences of Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI,” he said.

Sayed Mohammad Akhund from Kandahar province lamented that the political differences between the two leaders caused Johan Kerry to come and resolves our issues.

He said that political leaders should resolve their disputes and differences, asking the lawmakers to hold plenary sessions about the fate of government.

Zaheer Sadat, another member of parliament, underlined that Afghans accepted the political agreement of the NUG to holding Loya Jirga and bring amendment in the constitution and regulating the CEO post, bring fundamental reforms in the electoral commissions and distribution of the electoral ID cards.

He warned that if the political agreement of the NUG is violated by President Ghani and CEO Abdulla, it would damage the soft-boiled credibility of the government.

The remarks of John Kerry came at a time, when majority of the government’s political oppositions persist over summoning of the Constitution Loya Jirga to vote up over the NUG.

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