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Dorqad River Island inhabitants grumble about lack of bridge

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KABUL: Residents of Dorqad district in northern Takhar province have to face a myriad of issues due to lack of bridges over Amu River.

Mohammad Nabi, 34, a resident of Dorqad, which is a river island, complained about the difficulties they have to endure when they want to go to other districts or the provincial capital.

“When water volume increases, our problem escalates. We pay 50Afs per person in order to get across the river in a boat, which takes 20-60 minutes on average.”

Mohammad Kabir Hotak, another inhabitant of the district, said due to the lack of bridges, dozens of people and vehicles sink each year along with boats.

Meanwhile, another resident, Shirdil Pasoon said having a bridge was one of his long-held dreams. “We want the government to pay serious attention to our district and build a bridge for us.”

It’s said the Amu River is 20 meters deep. During the flood season, boats are always at the risk of sinking due to high water waves.

Mohammad Jawad Hijri, a spokesperson of Takhar’s governor, said with improvements in the security situation, it was the local government’s first priority to build a bridge over Darqod. “Deteriorated security situation has stymied our works but we have a program at hand. The issue will be solved as soon as the situation gets better.”

Darqad district is located 100 kilometers from Taloqan, the provincial capital of Takhar. Amu River constitutes a natural border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. According to local officials, at least 90 percent of the district’s geography is under Taliban’s control.

Translated from Radio Azadi

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