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Dostum blames Ghani, Abdullah for fueling discrimination

By Mansoor Faizy-KABUL: The First Vice President Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum blamed President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah for fueling discrimination among Afghan people.

In a briefing in northern Jawzjan province, Dostum said that President Ghani is happy when someone who speaks Pashto language, especially with Logari accent.

Located in the eastern part of the country, Logar province is President Ashraf Ghani’s birthplace.

Furthermore, Dostum called Abdullah “a weak person” saying, he (Abdullah) lacks good fame among Afghan people.

After the formation of National Unity Government, Afghanistan, despite insecurity has witness discrimination.

Recently, Afghan lawmakers said that the country is under sensitive condition as some elements are flaming discrimination. They also said that those creating discrimination among the Afghan tribes are working for the enemies of peace and stability of Afghanistan.

Moreover, in a gathering held in Panjshir province, Ahmad Zia Masoud, President’s special representative for reforms and good governance, indirectly blamed leaders of the government for discriminations.

“It benefits nothing that today I am in the government and hire all Tajik tribes in the government posts. This trend creates consequences,” he told the gathering.

He furthered, “It also brings no good if our Pashtoon brothers, who are on top government posts fill all government positions of Pashtun tribes.”

Other speakers in the gathering also blamed the government for sparking discrimination and they said that National Unity Government is not working for unity.

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