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Dostum to Ghani: Don’t repeat history, stop suppressing citizens

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KABUL: In the wake of ongoing election tensions, a prominent elite and leader of “Hezb-e-Junbish” political party, Abdul Rashid Dostum has called on President Ashraf Ghani not to repeat “past history” and not to be in dreams of “suppressing” the citizens.

“I am very concerned about security forces shooting on people, if your forces once again opens fire on protestors, your situation would be worse than Dr. Najibullah,” said Dostum, while addressing a gathering alongside with deputy of chief executive office, Muhammad Mohaqiq in northern Jawzjan province.

He has announced his support to peace talks, saying that war was not a solution for Afghanistan conflicts.

Dostum has criticized Ghani for his poor management on the peace process, saying that the Taliban were gaining privilege in the ongoing negotiations but the government’s stands has been weakened and that the future of Afghanistan is in vagueness.

He called the Taliban’s prisoners’ swap in return for foreign professors a gesture steps towards peace , saying, “we expect the Taliban also announce a six months ceasefire.”

Pointing out to the China intra-Afghan dialogue, Dostum said that a delegation of ten members compromised of political parties and government representatives should be formed to participate in the meeting.

“Political leaders and Taliban representatives know each other, thus they can reach a good result,” he added.

The election disputes are on the verge of its possible great crisis. A number of political figures and electoral teams oppose the recount of bullet boxes and votes in some provinces of the country.

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