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Dostum urges soldiers to fight Taliban ‘tooth and nail’

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KABUL: Amid worsening security situation in northern Afghanistan, former Vice President Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum has urged his soldiers and supporters to fight the Taliban fiercely and stop them from invading more territory.

Enayatullah Babar Farahmand, deputy chief of the High Council of National Reconciliation, in a tweet said that Dostum had told his supporters and fighters in a telephone call to stand up against the Taliban by all means possible.

“After his treatment and improvement of his health condition in Turkey, Marshal Dostum instructed all his soldiers and followers by phone to defend the country against the Taliban and fight tooth and nail,” he said, noting that Dostum may be returning to the battlefield soon.

Dostum, who was on the front line of the fight against the Taliban in Jawzjan province two weeks ago, had recently traveled to Turkey. It is reported that he and his eldest son Yar Mohammad were poisoned while on the battlefield.

This is as the situation is deteriorating in northern Afghanistan and the Taliban are gaining control of more district centres and military bases. This has emboldened the Taliban to a great extent as they have their hands on more weapons and more territory.

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