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Dostum’s daughter swears as Senator

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KABUL: Rahila Dostum took oath as a designated senator in the Upper House of the Parliament on Sunday.

She is the daughter of Abdul Rashid Dostum, who was granted with an honor rank of Marshal last year as part of the power sharing deal concluded between President Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah after a longtime dispute on the results of the presidential election.

Mrs. Dostum was introduced to the Meshrano Jirga by secretary of the house, Faisal Samay. She replaced the seat of former senator, Sara Surkhabi.

The house is currently comprised of 68 members. 34 senators are selected by President Ashraf Ghani and 34 others are leading from provincial councils. The third part of the house is yet to be introduced as the government has not been able to hold the district elections.

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