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Drought a big threat for Kabul residents

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KABUL: Residents of Kabul are worried about drought crisis, saying that the water surface has downed in some parts of the city and they facemany problems to get access to pure water.

“We face a big water problemas all the wells are dried in our area,” said Mohammad Nasim, a resident of Kabul.

“Because of the low water surface, we duga 130-meter deep well far from here.Almost every house’s water wells are dried,” said Mohammad Shafi another resident of the city.

AlsoKabul residents complain ofwater pollution in Kabul.

“We shared pollution problemwith the government many times, but they didn’t pay attention.We have to use the wells with polluted water.Drought problem has vastly increased,” said Noor Aqa resident of the outskirt of Kabul.

People buy water in some parts of the city where they can’t get access to potable water.

Ministry of energy and water says that the water surface has downed by 20 meters in Kabul.

More than 29 million square metersof wateris absorbed but over 32 million square meter is annually used.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Gul Kholmiacting minister of energy and water says that over 50 percent of the people havebeen struggling with drought crisis.

“This year water reservoirs are good, some implantation has been taken in regards of drought problems,” he said.

Abdul BasirAzimi former deputy minister said that the government should launch water management system and water canalization projects to solve the drought problems.

“Water reservoirs and dams should be built around Kabul and canalization projects should be made in the city of Kabul, the process should be temporary and permanently,” he said. “People should always try not to waste water.”

The in charges of the ministry of energy and water said that most of the countries struggle with drought crisis because of climate changes and more than 700 million people would be displaced in 2030 if efforts not made in regards.

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