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Drought, desertification threaten future of agriculture in Afghanistan

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KABUL: A former official warns against the successive droughts in the country, calling it a threat for the future of agriculture since deserts are widening as farmlands are being useless.

“The deserts are widened day by day as the farmlands are useless, pastures are removed and forests are eradicated. This is not only a problem in Afghanistan, but the drought threatens several countries,” former minister of disaster management, Najib Aqa Fahim said Tuesday.

“Afghanistan is a war hit country, it is a poor country and is located at dry part of the world where the climate is different in different parts. The rainfall in some areas is 75 per cent less.”

Afghanistan is affected by a long drought even since the 1990s. Thousands of families were forced to displace from their villages in several areas especially in the north-western provinces in 2018. 20 of 34 provinces are the most drought-affected areas, according to official data.

Fahim warned that drought could repeat every five years and would leave unpleasant consequences.

He said that increasing poverty and unemployment as well as intensifying of war pave the ground for radicalism and would be a big problem in Afghanistan.

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