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Durand an ‘unaccepted line’, assert Afghans

Kabul (Paktika) [Afghanistan]: Amidst escalating tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan, experts have said that there is no evidence to prove Durand as the border line.

Loy Afghanistan Tehreek (Greater Afghanistan Movement) recently organized a conference in capital Kabul where experts denounced the latest statement of British Ambassador to Afghanistan Nicholas Peter Kay in connection with Durand Line’s recognition.

According to reports, Kay had earlier said that the Durand Line is the formal border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Participants cited historical background of the Durand Line, which was not accepted by Afghans living on both sides of the line who are all Pushtun, divided by Colonial Power of Britain in 1893.

It focused on educating the youngsters to understand the importance of the Durand Line and call for National Unity to exhort the international community to assist Afghans divided by the line to become one nation.

The Conference titled “Unrecognized Durand Line” called on Afghan government to take stringent steps to prevent Pakistan from fencing the Durand line or installing any new checkpoints across it.

In near future such conferences will be held in Bannu, Quetta and in other provinces of Greater Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, a protest rally was also held in Sharana, Paktika against the Durand Line and the statements made by British Ambassador Nicholas Peter Kay in Kabul.

A large number of Paktika residents rushed to the city of Sharana holding national flags calling for the Government to stop Pakistan armies from entering to FATA and fencing the Durand Line.

Denouncing the statement made by Kay the protestors also burned British flag.

More protests are expected to take place across the country if fencing of the Durand Line is not stopped or any further checkpoints are installed across the same, the protesters said. (ANI)

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