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‘Durand Line has no legitimacy’: ‘Politicians should restrain making irresponsible remarks’ 

AT News Report-KABUL: The Milli Mehwar Party has said that there are some elements who are working under the sweet will of Pakistan to recognize the Durand Line as an official border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, an issue which is very sensitive among Afghan masses. Afghanistan has always opposed to recognize it.

Different incumbent and previous government officials including Afghan academics, intellectuals, youth, university students, and civil society members on Saturday came under one roof, where they highlighted some facts regarding Durand Line.

Afghan historians, legal experts who have held debate over Durand Line, have said that the Line agreement is totally contradictory to the international laws and norms, and this line has been imposed on Afghanistan. The Afghan people will never accept this agreement because this was memorandum of understating which was took place between Afghan and British government at a time when Pakistan was not exist.

Former President Hamid Karzai was also attended the gathering organized by Milli Mehwar Party, in which he said, “if Afghanistan gives the territory of the other side of the line, Pakistan would have more demands in the future.”

He furthered, “Pakistan’s ex-president Gen. Pervez Musharraf has several time asked for recognition of Durand Line as an international border between the two states and as well to have control over Afghan foreign policy.” However, Karzai said that he rejected these demands.

He further went on saying that based on historical documents, Durand Line is not a border rather it calls as a control of influence.

Members of the Milli Mehwar believe there are some Afghans who are dancing at the tones of Pakistan in a bid to shaken national unity through propagating recognition of the line.

Khushal Ruhi, head of Milli Mehwar Party, said, “there are no valid documents regarding Durand Line agreement, and those Afghans who think that all mischief is due to Durand Line issue, are living in imagination, and committing historical sins.”

Furthermore, Ruhi praised Faqir of Ipi for his struggle for the freedom of Pashtuns against British Empire and the then Pakistan. He called Faqir of Ipi a real symbol of freedom and Pashtunistan who was determined, implacable single adversary the British Empire in India had to face among its own subjects.

Legal experts said that Afghan leadership in that time was under direct and indirect pressure by British Empire to have the MoD, while according to international laws, border recognition between the two states could be based on free well.

Moreover, the party called on the government to announce its clear stands regarding ongoing fencing and military installation of Pakistan along Durand Line. The members also called on politicians to restrain from giving irresponsible remarks over Durand Line.

Kabul university professor, Wadir Safi, said that there are no legal documents to show Durand Line as an international border, and MoD was occurred between the then government and British empire, where Pakistan was not alive. “Now it holds no legitimacy.”

Historian and political analyst, Waheedullah Mubariz, in the past several Afghan presidents and politicians have made tremendous efforts to regain their occupied lands across the Durand Line.

“It is the need of the hour that Afghan government should take the issue on international forms to regain the lost areas.” He added that this is our right to regain our historical land and reunited with our people.

He furthered, “we repeatedly asked British government to hand over documents regarding Durand Line, but we always received cold shoulder.”

“We have responsibility to raise sound voice for the rights of Pashtuns and Baluch across the line.”




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