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Durand Line lacks legal basis: Rana Think Tank

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KABUL: Political pundits participated in monthly session of Rana Think Tank have criticized Pakistan for mentioning Torkham crossing point as a border between the two countries during inauguration of 24/7 transit gate. According to them, the de-facto Durned Line has no any legal bases.

The experts believe the agreement of establishment of Durned Line was signed in 1893 between Mortimer Durand, a British Indian government diplomat and civil servant of the British Raj, and AbduL Rahman Khan protectorate rule to fix the limit of their respective spheres of influence and improve diplomatic relations and trade, in which it has no legal bases and cannot be recognized as borders it is only a line. Also the agreement duration was for 100 years, which already expired over two decades ago, the experts added. 

Ex-Kabul Governor, Abdul Jabar Taqwa has criticized Pakistan for mentioning Torkham as border, saying no one can get our soil it’s our rights.

“We, the Afghans, must keep in mind and spare no efforts to keep the motivation alive that the other side of Durand Line is our soil, and we want this soil with its people.”

Criticizing government for remaining silent regarding fencing along the so-called Line and to the mentioning Torkham gate as a border, he said the other side of the line is Afghanistan’s soil and it’s our right. “We want it through negotiation and duologue not via war,” he added.       

Mr. Mamoon, another political expert said the agreement regarding the de-facto Durand Line was for a period of time, which now has no legitimacy.

According to him, the agreement is only in English language on a paper which was signed by a British Indian government diplomat and Abdul Rahman Khan protectorate rule to fix the limit of their respective spheres of influence, thus it don’t have any legal bases.

The agreement was for 100 years, he said, which is already expired and it is not credible anymore.

“No need to take action in a hurry, it must be freeze till we find a proper way to reach our right and take back our land and reintegrate with our people.”  

“Any kind of change along the so called Durand Line must be implemented through Afghanistan agreement.”

Member of Rana Think Tank, Safiullah Molakhail said the border has its own divination, in which both sides responsibility and obligatory are clear mentioned. He said that historians must introduce the geographical of Afghanistan to its youth generation.

Member of Academy of Science of Afghanistan Sarwar Ahmadzai said the so called Durand Line has no any legal bases and we (Afghans) never accept it.

However, he said still there is lack of a united stand regarding the de-facto line, so it is required to boost up and create a united standpoint about the line.

Another member of the Academy Rahmatullah said the de-facto Durand line was signed by British Indian government diplomat, and according to him it is a one side agreement.

“When one side of the agreement (British Indian government) is no more in power, then the agreement is not any more credible.”

There is a need of a national consensus, he said, adding a powerful government would be able to defend this line.

Some participants of the Rana Think Tank painted importance of awareness program on de-facto Durand Line. According to them, the existing mindset that no Afghan accept the Durand Line as an official boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan, must be prompted through any possible ways and means.

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