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“Durand’s Curse”

Blood and fire have often blighted Afghanistan; the three Anglo-Afghan wars being among the bloodiest and the most cruel in its history. But Britain’s partitioning of Afghanistan will rank as the greatest crime of the nineteenth century. That arbitrary line which Mortimer Durand drew in 1893 on a small piece of paper continues to bleed Afghanistan and hound the world. Alas, this story had remained untold so far.

At last, we have a book on the Durand Line. Written by Ambassador Rajiv Dogra with sophistication and style, “Durand’s Curse,” is the result of deep research. Fascinating details from the long buried archives of history tell for the first time a tale of mischief, intrigue and deceit against Afghanistan. The British first, and then Pakistan, have taken away forty thousand square miles of the frontier territory that belongs to Afghanistan. But the divided Pathan families refuse to accept the division. That’s why they have struggled over the last century to rub out the cursed line in sand.

Rajiv Dogra brings alive the wars, the tragedies and the Afghan anger against injustice in this page turning account of Afghanistan’s misfortunes. “Durand’s Curse” is a fascinating story of living history told by a major writer of our generation.

This book’s promises include;

1… Durand Agreement and the manner of its signing has remained an enigma till now;

—Why did the Amir sign it? What forced him to do so? Why did he sign only the english text of the agreement-a language that he did not know?

2….Archival records and British Parliamentary debates of 19th century present a fascinating tale of intrigue and whodunit. There is now uncontestable proof that Frontier Area was not to be annexed? Why did that happen then? There is also record to show that Pakistan was not a successor state to either India or Britain.

3..Still, why did some in the Bitish establishment decide to rob Afghanistan of the Frontier area?

4….Durand’s Curse is the never before told story of the British plot against simple but brave pathans and Pakistan’s role in it.

5….Will Pathans across the Durand Line ever be reunited?

6….Durand’s Curse is the first full book in the world on the wars leading up to the Durand Agreement, the Durand Line and its consequences.

“Durand’s Curse” is a heart wrenching account of Pathan misfortunes. Published by Rupa, the book is scheduled to reach bookshops in September 2017.

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