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Dustom rejects election result, vows own governors in north

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KABUL: After a long time dispute on Afghanistan presidential votes, the Independent Election Commission had declared Incumbent Ashraf Ghani – who is taking the position for the second term – as the winner. But the announcement has posed drastic criticism by Ghani’s top rival, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah and his supporters. Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, leader of Hezb-e-Junbish-Millie and a top stakeholder of Abdullah’s team said that he stands by Abdulla’s decision over formation of an inclusive government and vowed to appoint news governors mainly in provinces under their influence.

Hours after the announcement of final results, and while speaking to his supporters late Tuesday evening, Abdullah declared himself as a winner, saying that he will form an inclusive government.

Dostum, who leads the Junbish Milie Party, flanked by his supporters in northern Jawzjan province on Wednesday, accused the IEC of working in favor of Ghani’s team. “The Ghani’s team has either put pressure or bribed the Independent Election Commissioners.”  

He called on his supporters to stand against the IEC’s decision and support the formation of government which is going to be led by Abdullah. Ghani has secured 50.64 percent of votes and followed by Abdullah, who secured 39.53 percent of total votes. Of 40 million estimated populations in Afghanistan, about five percent people have taken part in the election.

The Afghanistan presidential election was held on September 28th, 2019 but the results has been delayed for about almost five months as the electoral commission had been struggling with the technical issues regarding the votes recounting process.

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