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E-governance imperative to fight corruption: Rana Think Tank

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: The Rana think-tank urged government to generate electronic governance to fight the growing corruption and provide people with facilities.

Corruption has turned to a big challenge in Afghan society, making Afghanistan notorious in the world and rated as one of the most corrupt countries.

Besides, people are fed up with the old bureaucracy and complicated procedures of the government.

The think-tank believes that electronic governance would simplify the government’s procedures.

“E-governance will create further facilities and will pave the ground for government to deal with corruption crisis in a better manner across the country, thus it is essential to the government to step up efforts for running E-governance across the country,” said Information Technology expert Khalil Ahmad Popla.

He asked the government to take measures for starting E-governance throughout the country.

He stated that the E-governance would boost efficiency, effectiveness and transparency in the system of government.

“Accountability, easy access, responsibility, cost effectiveness, and result effectiveness will be other good point in e-governance,” he asserted.

Popla believes that the E-governance would pave the ground to the government to run free and fair election as well as decrease security threats in the country.

“Documents will be protected well in e-governance system and will prevent from making fake signs and government letters.”

It is possible to fake or steal the documents in the paper system, but impossible in the computerized one, because this system would have more security protections, he claimed.

“Technology infrastructure, cyber law, e-signature system and trained staffs are required for running e-governance. Thus, it is essential to the relevant organs to hold steps in the aspect.”

Amanullah Hamidzai, chancellor at the Education University, said that the E-governance would have a fire proffer archive, where all important documents are safe.

Hamidzai emphasized that the E-governance must begin from zero and move towards progress.

Political Expert Danish Bakhtyari said: “First we must make a governance system, then we can go for the E-governance.”

It is pertained to mention that experts believed that generating of e-governance will cause unemployment issues, which government must take measure through establishing factories to deal with unemployment issues across the country.

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