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Economic Development after Peace Deal

By Ahmad Sahil

The US and Taliban Movement Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have singed the peace agreement after a prolonged and challenging debate on February 29, 2019, headquarters in Doha. after this deal, The Taliban has been recognized as a political group for the world. Afterward, The US Special Envoy who was assigned for the Afghanistan peace process Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad has planned to have expeditions and official trips to regions, countries, and different places to facilitate for Intra-Afghan’s peace negotiation later the biggest historic deal between the US and Taliban. As a result, he and the Government’s groups have been able to commence the Intra-Afghan peace talks with Taliban. Likewise, these negotiations have been initiated on September, 2020 with Afghan Government and other international allies.

Roughly, both these teams have been engaged for two months to wind the results up. If the peace process comes and the current ongoing peace negotiations gives the base outcome result, Afghanistan will be in which stage according to the prevailing of economic circumstances. Hereof, I would like to enlighten and highlight this theme concerning Economic development in Afghanistan after the successful peace deal.

First, Afghanistan is one of the most popular and rich places in the world which has a great natural raw resource for the strengthening of economic sectors such as Natural Gas, Silver, Gold, Copper, Petroleum, Iron and there are precious stones. Still, due to insecurity and decades of war it is backward, no one can utilize its resources, these sectors almost decline from many years ago in Afghanistan Besides, it has many raw materials that other countries really want to utilize and make some products from these Materials. On the other hand, it has enough water but due to insecurity situation we do not have any proper water management system; if peace comes, here are mega projects which will be implemented such as TAPI, CASA, and Chabahar port by which we have the connectivity with IRAN,INDIA and other regions, If these vast projects implement in Afghanistan it will have a million dollars revenue per year from its uses, through these projects it can make a strongest respectable diplomatic tie on the regional base, Secondly, Afghanistan will be the economic zone square on Asia, it will be on the top rank on the Asia base,  before all the regional countries who want the contribution in these mega projects they must play their role in the current peace talks between Afghan Government and Taliban.

Currently, Afghan people are very optimistic about the ongoing peace negotiations If the negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan Government become a successful, what it will happen?

At the beginning, it will attract the foreigner traders into Afghanistan, they will directly invest their investment and through these investments it will have a very great and high-level employment rate rather than now, the range of poverty will direct comes to downgrade side the international investors will willing to have more reliability on us than past, they will visit our remote areas for creating and starting news business and investment in Afghanistan Moreover, they will utilize the resources and they will bring all those machineries to operates the raw materials by using these resources it will have more productions level and more factories will established plus industries on the regional base. In addition, Afghan traders can send that resources to other countries even all are will invest their property in these sectors because; it need too much work. it will have direct exchange of the martials with each region the foreigners will feel free to connect with Afghanistan, they will have a different initiative with Afghan traders they will fully engaged its attention to our country rather than other countries.  

Lastly, Afghanistan will be fully connected with the central Asian Countries traders likewise, Pakistan, Iran, India, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Turkey. These are the constant economic countries for Afghanistan which aids in the strengthen of economic sector, and these countries can facilitate and enhance the financial sectors as well in Afghanistan. They can make a tool to enhance and development of our economic sector. 

The writer has worked as Admin and Finance Specialist with Joint Implementation of Peace Agreement, he worked with National NGO’s WADAN as well. He is the social activist and had written frequent articles on a different issue such as on the Financial issues, Procurement, Budgeting and in economic sectors.

Follow him on twitter: k.ahmad900

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