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ED: Another inhumane act in Kabul

The innocent people who had gathered to pray in a western Kabul mosque came under an attack by the enemies of humanity Thursday night.

A suicide bomber who planned to blow himself among the people that had just broken their fast, went to al-Zahra mosque in the Dasht-e-Barchi neighborhood Police District 13. When the security forces prevented him from entering the mosque, he immediately detonated his explosives at the entrance of the mosque. In this anti-human act that the Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility, four civilians were martyred and eight more injured.

This is not the first time that civilians are targeted inside or around the holy places. Last year, we witnessed attacks on the mourner Shiite Muslims during the days of the holy month of Moharram and especially on the day of Ashura in the cities of Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif that left dozens of Unitarian Muslims martyred and injured.

The Daesh terrorist group that aims to kill people from all generations and sects, seem to target more the Shiite Muslims in Afghanistan, while its colleagues kill Shiites in other countries such as Pakistan, Iraq, Nigeria, etc.

Such attacks that are planned and organized by some intelligence agencies in foreign countries follow only one purpose: To divide Afghans by any means like language, ethnicity and religion. They want to strike and weaken us so the ground for geographical division is paved or to paralyze us so we accept any of their orders and plans.

But they are forgetting one thing, and this is that Afghans who seem economically backward to them, have kept their solidarity in the course of history. When the powerful oppressing kings wanted to fulfill the aliens’ plans through genocide of particular ethnicities, people stood and resisted the plan.

Now, the people of Afghanistan realize unity, solidarity and co-existence much more than any time in the past, so, such cowardly attacks can never help our enemies to reach their inauspicious goals. People from different provinces and districts donated blood to those injured in the Ashura suicide attack in December, 2011 that explains the soul of unity among Afghans.

People and government should be on alert in the current critical situation that the enemy is using any possible way to infiltrate and divide them. The government must do its best for not letting the enemies implementing their plans to divide people.

The people have also responsibility to be aware and response such plans with an iron fist. The enemy will never manage to dominate us if we are tight united.


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