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ED: Any signs of hope

As peace talks between US peace envoy and Taliban’s negotiating member have entered to its 14-day, it has raised expectation that there would be some progress towards ending the war. The current peace push also generated hope that intra-Afghan talks would also be facilitated as based some report another round of talks between Afghan politicians and influential figures with Talban member going to be held at end of March. Last time they meet in Moscow for the first time in such a platform which is utterly an Afghan-on-Afghan talk. Peace efforts brokered by U.S. have been widely welcomed by Afghan people, and politicians, but the government at somehow not happy over the process, and always emphasized on intra-Afghan talks—something influential figures also insisted on. Today (Saturday) while marking Marshal Fahim’s 5th death anniversary in Kabul, all the speakers, who were bigwigs of our society, collectively supported the ongoing peace efforts, and putted peace on priority. But that was not destined they did not want to preserve the past achievements. They called for a dignity peace to safeguard national sovereignty, national unity and totally preservation of past achievements. This is what all the Afghan masses are demanding. There is anxiety among ordinary Afghans, especially women, who don’t know what would be their future once the Taliban reintegrated into civil society. They still fear to once again go through Taliban regime where they were banned from workplaces, and schools, where they lost all of their rights. The same dread is among men as they were also prey victim to the Taliban’s brutal regime. If Taliban return as harsh as they were during their regime, surely all segment of society, of course among them women, would once again trigger to the most difficult period of their time. Optimistically, this is not situation at all. The Afghan people, men, women, children, elder, including non-Muslim fragments of Afghan society would not accept Taliban unless they change. They must accept the current system – the rights of Afghans, including women, girls – support Afghan Security Forces — believe in freedom of expression and all 18-year hard-gained achievements. Fortunately, US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad time and again talked over safeguarding past progress that could be taken as sign of hope. It is a fact that the Taliban are reality of our society, and their reintegration will defiantly help Afghanistan not only to end bloodsheds, but also to reach sustainable development in all areas.

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