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ED: Ceasefire for peace

Since 2001, it’s the first time a ceasefire is going to be preserved between Afghan security forces and the Taliban group. Though, it is for short-time, but the consequences in longest-term would be incredible with hoping truce to be last forever with reaching a conclusion to the current ongoing war. Suspension of hostilities heightened optimism over a fully halt to the antagonism. This also gears up buoyancy toward Taliban’s intention indicting to have peace with the government. This could be a starting point but means a lot. The Taliban in an unprecedented move have announced a three-day ceasefire over Eid, the holiday that caps off Ramadan. The Afghan government and people highly welcomed this unique budge. We, Afghans who suffered most in current conflict with losing our dearest and nearest one, remarkably praise the Taliban’s positive echo to the historic ceasefire posed by President Ashraf Ghani because it s a truce for peace. “The Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan announces ceasefire from the 27th of Ramadan until the fifth day of Eid-ul-Fitr following the historic ruling (Fatwa) of the Afghan Ulema,” Ghani said. Besides pessimistic views, the ceasefire calls won the heart of the Taliban group with announcing the same obsession. This is a great step and the Taliban must utilize it in such way to pave ground for a new area to start for substantive peace negotiations. The truce announced by Taliban is clearly indicating to release some captives locked over peace talks which is encouraging—also a huge step towards prospects for peace. The order of staying away from conducting offensive operation against Afghan forces from first day of Edi until 3rd day is a sign of letting free those captives ahead of peace dialogue that has been jammed in hearts of Taliban members. This also shows love. Let it flow–we are Afghans, and must work for any efforts that bring peace and stability. It is a temporary stop of war, but this could also lead to complete halt. Efforts must be doubled from both sides to term this brief ceasefire successful and be followed by armistices, and finally by peace agreement. Awesomely, after decades of war, we have three-day ceasefire. Hope the pleasure of shedding no Afghan blood in Eid becomes so overwhelming that rest of year is also declared as Afghan Eid. This move is very much welcoming and appreciative as peace is the ultimate need of the Afghan masses.

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