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ED: China’s efforts for Afghan peace

China has announced readiness to hold a trilateral session with Afghanistan and Pakistan, an effort to help the Afghan government reach peace.

Chinese President, Xi Jinping in a meeting with his Afghan counterpart, Ashraf Ghani, has also said that Beijing welcomes the peace agreement between Afghan government and the Hezb-e-Islami led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and supports the Afghan-led peace process as well as the Kabul Process session held this week in Kabul.

As an important neighbor to Afghanistan and a key player in the regional and international affairs, China has frequently voiced support of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. While some of the regional countries and our neighbors are working to destabilize Afghanistan, Beijing has been an honest neighbor for us. It has played an active role in the rehabilitation program of Afghanistan with significant donation. Building the modern Jomhuryat hospital in the capital Kabul is an example of China’s several assistances to Afghan people.

China knows very well that it a stable Afghanistan is in its benefit to feel safe along border and open more ways for exports. The ‘One Belt One Road’ economic program first of all needs security along its way.

Beijing also feels comfortable in investing in Afghanistan especially in the mine sector that China is interested in investing.

So, our eastern neighbor should use its influence to convince Pakistan that the regional security and stability is ensured when every country is safe and stable.

China has close relationships with Pakistan and this is an opportunity to pressure Islamabad to stop harboring terrorist networks who carry out attacks in Afghan soil and answer to the request of the people and government of Afghanistan for a joint, real and serious battle against terrorism.

We need safety to expand economic and commercial relationships and China that is the pioneer exporter in the region, wants stability in the neighboring and regional countries to catch their bazaars.

The people of Afghanistan are grateful to China’s cooperation in the peace efforts and reconstruction programs and hope our join efforts lead the region to a lasting peace.

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