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ED: Conflict intensity

There should an end to the politics of symbolism. Everything has limitations and this imagery has to be ended. By giving promises to improve the burning issue of insecurity at best level, however, a mere pledged that doesn’t see the light of the day so far. This is only in words, and even not seems to be turned into a practical silhouette. We are in fighting against terror for longtime, and still our brave security forces, despite civilians, are losing their lives in their (militants) coward attacks. The current war strategy may not make any major gains, rather takes more lives and properties. The National Unity Government (NUG) has failed to have an update war strategy. Were not turning blind eye over some achievements made during this period, but we have long way to go to eliminate terrorists one and all. The Afghan masses voted for the leaders of the NUG at the most critical environment, even some patriots Afghans lost their fingers. But still voted, showing their determination to elect a government to address the current challenges, moreover to improve security situation, beside economy nationwide. But the current situation is on the table to us all that exhibiting the escalation of insecurity. The politics of symbolism and populism fails when it is not padded with concrete plans to fulfill and aspirations of the masses. NUG has failed on this count at some stage. To get clear picture of what happened in the past 24 hours one needs to look across the country with open-eye. Six Afghan National Army soldiers have been killed and three other injured in a fierce clash with the Taliban insurgents in western Farah province. At least 16 policemen have been killed and two others wounded in foreign forces airstrike in southern Helmand province. 30 Afghan Local Police (ALP) members were killed in Taliban’s ambush in northeastern Badakhshan province. It is enough to prove that we are lacking war strategy as our brave Afghan security forces are losing lives in different attacks. This trend is absolutely not in the interest of Afghan mass neither to the NUG leaders. People would become outrages against government if situation prevails. Still there is time. The government should take this as wake-up call. Further negligence would trigger this country toward deep crisis. From here on, the government should come up to the fore with a clear war strategy aimed at putting a fully standstill to military and civilian casualties. No more room left for the Afghan people to mourn after their dearest and nearest one. Many innocent lives have been taken in the global campaign of war on terror. It has to be stopped. Afghans blood has to be valued. NUG have to convince US to pressurizes those countries that for longtime have been engaged in supporting and harboring militancy.



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