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ED: Disaster preparedness

Many areas of Afghanistan are affected every year by the seasonal snowfalls, avalanches and heavy rainfalls followed by devastating floods.

The spring rainfalls that start from late March yearly and go on up to late April or further are followed by flash floods that damage houses, farmlands, roads and bridges. The natural disaster also kills people particularly in the rural areas, while hundreds more are displaced.

The poor economic condition of the people is every year in danger of this deadly disaster. In May, 2014, hundreds of people lost their lives after a mudslide following long-time rainfall covered a village in the Argu district of the vulnerable mountainous province of Badakhshan in the northeast area.

Several others died due to epidemic diseases after the disaster.

The natural disaster mostly targets central, northern, northeastern and northwestern provinces.

This year is also expected to experience floods when the huge snow that has covered mountainous areas is going to melt by warm weather. The government in general and the national disaster management authority in particular who know better about the disaster, are expected to be ready in managing it and preventing the repetition of the tragedy people witnessed in the past years.

People want the government and related bodies to pay serious attention to saving their lives and properties. As a responsible organ, the national disaster management body should be firmly prepared for the sudden disasters.

The body should be as financially provided as the security institutions, because they all work to save lives of people. Security forces fight terrorists while the disaster management officers battle with the disasters that are both the enemies of human being.

The government should remember complaints they faced with by people in the past years for not paying more attention in managing disasters.

This should be a big lesson for the government and it should be very prepared and should not let people and their representatives complain again.

By working hard and honestly we can prevent a human fatality and economic loss that makes several problems for both people and the government.


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