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ED: Education–a key factor in development

Why education is key to development, especially in a country like Afghanistan, where an educated society is lonely remedy left to push the state toward development path. Indeed, education is human right. And, like other than rights, it cannot be taken for granted. It is a fact that plenty of children in Afghanistan are out of schools. They have been not only denied their fundamental right of education, but also opportunity of brighter future. They have lost every break to have a chance to get decent job, or to escape poverty—to support their families, and most importantly to play important role in developing their communities. The government and international community must adopt serious plans to make sure to place education high on the list. Without doubt, today’s student need state-of-the-art skills, like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and digital literacy. Learners of the all ages need to become familiar with new technologies and cope with rapidly changing workplaces. It is worth mentioning that education is fundamental to development and growth. To make possible all development achievements, from health advances and agricultural innovations to efficient public administration and private sector growth—for our country to reap these benefits fully, they need to unleash the potential of human mind—and there is no better tool for doing so than education. To get rid of current challenges that eating our infrastructures on daily bases, we need an educated society to use their pen and mind as a great weapon to change the current landscape of no development. All of us must bear in mind that only by knowledge and skills we will drive our employability, productivity, even health, and well-being in the decades to come, and that will help ensure that our communities and nation thrive. However, despite knowing the fact, it is very hurting to learn that three among every five student of the Kabul University lose interest in studies. According to survey, six out of 10 students who lose interest in studies blame flaws in the teaching method, three blame pessimism for jobs, and the reaming cite other factors that lead to the decline in their interest in lessons. But this is totally injustice to their selves and to the nation. Education and learning are the most important process in today’s society. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s teachers. Instead of losing interest, they should give their hundred percent to change the teaching method by putting the issue on the table of related officials. There would be win-win situation for both, as even the government is not willing to be stuck in old and useless methods. Since we are in fragile economy situation, we must up seriously in pursing education with core intention to improve economic development as it’s very much important to country’s national and international success.



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