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ED: Family dispute

Family dispute over land has been increasingly a common but a fatal practice as both sides don’t heisted killing each other over it. Since the collapse of the Taliban regime, land grabbing has gained notoriety around Afghanistan—the strongmen, influential figures, and some high-ranking government officials through third part’s help have been highly involved in this practice. Unfortunately there has been little success in resolving the issues or improving the land system. Despite some many other challenges, it’s next big confect in Afghanistan. This is very risky thing because the conflict will be all over the country and will be really unmanageable. The most prominent form of land dispute is land grabbing. Weak and inconsistent land management, endemic corruption and insecurity have permitted opportunistic land grabs by powerful elites, which local populations refer to as the land mafia. The government is willing to address land grabbing in a systematic way—but none can turn blind eye over little capacity within the government. Control of access to land is central to power relations in rural Afghanistan and conflict over land has been exacerbated by the instability of the last three decades. Nevertheless, the most annoying and very heart-wrenching issue is family dispute over land. Personal enmity has been responsible for more murders not only over land, but so many other issues. Cases of people killed due to sudden provocation and trivial issues have seems to be increasing in the country. In December 2017- four months ago, 10 members of a single family were murdered in Kabul, the capital city—the incident took place in Khairkhana. According to one member of the family, the suspect had a legal issue with the family and that he was recently jailed on charges of two murders, but he was released from police custody after a short time. But on Wednesday-two days ago, long family dispute has resulted in the death of six members of family in eastern Nangarhar province. The tragic event occurred late on Tuesday night in Saracha-e-Ali Khan area of Behsud district, where three brothers armed with guns attacked their uncle house, killing him, his wife, and four of his children. Local residents of the area termed family dispute over land behind the killing. Nothing is worthy in this world than a life of innocent humans—and enmity with family is much more painful than strangers. One should know that war is common and enmity is the law and that everything comes from enmity—let’s put a complete halt to the family enmity as nothing is more valuable than our relatives.

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