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ED: For sake of stability

Reform means to bring change in something, especially in institution or practice in a bid to improve it—somewhat Afghanistan is really needed for the sake of peace and stability. Moreover, it means the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt, unsatisfactory etc…. It should also be understood that reform seeks to improve the system as it stands never to overthrow it wholesale. At the states-quo, Afghanistan needs a wide range of reforms to improve its living standards. This can include reform to macroeconomic policy, the civil service, and public financial management. At the same time there is dire need of reform in security insinuations, as corruption is already at high peak there. To do so, President Ashraf Ghani said that reforms within the government were not an option but it was imperative. The government is looks serious in this, but can’t be optimistic till see the result. The National Unity Government (NUG) says many things, while delivering rare. Addressing the Joint Coordination and Monitoring Board (JCMB), the president Ghani said the Ministry of Defense was substantially reformed, and the arm forces would soon meet the international standards. Such remarks generate hops among Afghans. We want to listen toward positive news. It is a good announcement that ministry has been reformed largely. No one will accept any negligence alongside of our brave Afghan security forces, and if corruption prevails in security bodies, surly it will jeopardize the life of true son of this soil (Afghan security forces). Also with enthusiasm waiting for reform to be made in the Ministry of Interior, the president informed that reform is under way. The Afghan security forces are rendering huge sacrifices to safeguard our motherlands from the evil hands of the sworn enemies, but it would be great injustice to mar them with corruption. It is absolutely important to have corruption-free security bodies. Though the NUG failed to make significant gains in brining reforms in every sector, but this time it’s hoped that at least to clear corrupt people from security institutions. We are not turning blind eye as little programs was made in reining in abusive militias, reducing corruption, promoting women’s rights and reforming the courts. However, much more is needed to be done. Reform is the only remedy for the sake of stability in the country. Certainly, corruption is one of the greatest challenges to resorting lasting peace and development in Afghanistan, but corruption-free Afghanistan is not a mission impossible. It needs sincere efforts. Surely, for the sake of Afghanistan’s future and the well-being of its citizen, who voted for the leaders of the NUG in toughest time, the leaders have full commitment in fighting and eliminating corruption in all sectors.


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