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ED: Ghani to visit Islamabad

President Dr. Ashraf Ghani is going to make history by visiting Islamabad as he already scrambling with legitimacy as expiry of his constitutional term has already gone away in May 22nd. Earlier after assuming the office in 2014 he had made a visit to Islamabad as without any prior invitation he made a courtesy visit to General Headquarter (headquarter of Pakistan army). During that his historical visit he had also made a courtesy call on Gen. (Retd) Taheel Sharif. Since making the historical courtesy, Ghani in return received stock of one side restrictions against Afghanistan from Pakistan. Contrary to wishes of Afghans, Pakistan went on fencing of controversial Durand Line. Islamabad without consent of Kabul administration has announced scores of cross line restrictions. Even these restrictions are contrary to UN charters. Pakistan’s security forces made incursion and even entered Afghanistan territories on the pretext of surgical strikes and chasing of militants. At each and every international forums, Pakistan exonerated its law enforcing organs by blaming the already war stricken Afghanistan for terror and violent acts. And even during this period, the Haqqani Network made too much promotion on the soil of Pakistan. Now when President Ghani is going to visit Islamabad in the end of current June, he needs to narrate the tale of events occurred after his historical November 2014 visit to Islamabad, especially his “historical and unprecedented courtesy visit to GHQ Rawalpindi and tea-snapping meeting with ex-Army chief Raheel Sharif. Before flying to Islamabad from Kabul, Ghani must take the nation into confidence as despite praising Pakistan for awarding them unprecedented hospitality and support at crucial time erupted with invasion of former USSR troops, now almost Afghans are complaining indifferent attitude of Pakistani brothers especially military establishment and its spy agency. Afghanistan and Pakistan are not only two neighbouring countries and its people are linked up in unbreakable relations. But unfortunately the rulers in Rawalpindi-Islamabad since inception of Pakistan in 1947 always made attempts of exploiting Afghanistan’s geographical locations. From time to time, Pakistan has not only made expansions in the border demarcations but even had replaced the centuries old transit truce, never did even by former British colonial rulers. Since early 90’s after pulling of USSR troops out of Afghanistan, Pakistan had made foiled experiences of “imposing its puppet regimes” in Kabul. And still is mantling in internal affairs for the same motives. Now the world is too much changes whereas it is impossible even for well-established countries like United States, Russian Federation and others to forcibly dictate others. Rulers and policy makers in Rawalpindi-Islamabad must read on the walls. Like of Great Britain and USSR, they can conquer the war stricken Afghanistan but it could be impossible for its military establishment to maintain that occupation. Ghani must realize the Pakistani authorities that continuation of war in Afghanistan will not be in the interest of Pakistan, rather it will make situation worse for Pakistan. Regional countries and beyond have reached a sustainable development but still Pakistan has been hell-bent on its proxies which deteriorate situation in Kabul and Islamabad as well. If Pakistani did not support Afghanistan in its war on terror, surely, these two countries will remain in fragile situation where a state of normalcy will be a distant dream. Let’s work together for betterment of our countries.

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