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ED: Government to decide

The Afghans are listening things that some people want to make fronts of fight against the insurgents by their own and even assure the central government that they and their armed men can curb the war in some specific areas if those areas are under their own control.

A prominent jihadi personality asked recently the government to give the authority of the northern areas to him. He assured that he could curb the war in the north within six months.

Though, their feelings for stopping the war is appreciable and the people without doubt wants war to be ended, but this is not the way that every powerful individual decide to unofficially open a front of war in this or that area. There is a government with the president on the top who has also the authority of command in chief of the all security and defense forces.

There is the ministry of defense that plans the war and decides how to encounter the enemy. There is the parliament and other institutions that officially decide about the important matters of the country.

Such measures remind the people of decades back when the monarchs had demanded the local powerful men to suppress the kings’ opposition or enemies and had given them full authority of controlling the area. This resulted anarchy and the local powerful men did not send the taxes of the areas under their control to the central government and did not obey the king’s decrees.

There is no doubt that the people of Afghanistan are thirsty for peace and stability, they want a situation that no war and bloodshed be in. But these desires should be fulfilled by an official body which is the central government.

If the government Okays this demand, tomorrow, another powerful individual will suggest similar demand in his home town or village. This is what our sworn enemies will use the opportunity to divide the people under the names of area, sect and language which will eventually tear the country to several pieces.

Therefore, the government should ask all the powerful persons and parties to join the end of war through the security forces and integrate their armed men in the army and empower the security forces, instead of private fighting.

Our people, though, under different pressures and conspiracies, did not lose their unity and this is a great honor. So, let’s maintain our unity and defend our motherland together.

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