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ED: Harming public utilities is cowardly act

Taliban militants recently resorted to harm public utilities in the capital and other areas. The insurgents exploded pylons of electricity power in the northern provinces of Kunduz and Baghlan in the past two weeks. The blackout hit millions of civilians in Kabul and other areas that the power is being transmitted to. Besides that, the armed group cut telecommunication networks in the southern province of Helmand. Such actions are not harmful for the government and do not prevent security forces’ operations, but just damage the economy of the country and prevent people from getting access to utilities.

The militants’ spokesman in the south, Qari Yousuf has said that cut of telecommunication networks in Helmand was carried out due to he said “some discretions”. What discretions could it be? If he means that this was done to prevent operations against their fighters in the province, this is a wrong interpretation, because the security forces use their own communication system that the insurgents cannot afford to cut.

Secondly, what discretion required Taliban when they exploded the power pylons? The answer is nothing, because electricity like the mobile phone is only used to help people solve their problems and do their daily business.

When the enemy of the nation supports you, you should be aware that he wants you bloodshed and destructions in your homeland. And Taliban and other opposition armed groups are exactly in a position that the enemy of their home and people is supporting them. The enemy wants them to uproot the infrastructures in their country, so not only this generation, but also the next generations live under the poverty line, they should possess nothing for their own and should be always begging everything from them.

The enemy’s long-term goal is to keep us under his control by keeping us destitute. We will launch factories, modernize our agriculture and hold many more businesses and industries if we have electricity. We will widen our business relations inside and outside the country if we get access to mobile phone system. These are considered as the beginning steps towards our self-sufficiency and progress through which, we are no longer dependant to the foreigners, our currency does not lose value and our capital and wealth do not go to the neighboring countries for a small medical checkup.

Taliban who claim that they are the sons of this soil, should once think who benefits from what they do and who suffers. They should recognize that working for others and against their brothers is a cowardly work that is not accepted by any mean.

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