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ED: Heavy rains, floods made miserable lives

Heavy torrential rains across Afghanistan has badly affected already war stricken, terror and violence civilians. Preliminary reports reveal that scores of people were injured and around one dozen killed only in Kandahar province. Similar are reports from Central Ghor, Farah, Helmand and Bamiyan provinces. The reports from Kandahar reveal that due to floods, scores of houses were badly affected and almost of it razed to the grounds. As a result hundreds of civilians become homeless and compelled to live under the open sky. Even inside Kandahar city a large number of houses collapsed due to floods and heavy rains. The provincial administration, especially Governor Hayatullah Hayat are engaged in hectic efforts for rescuing and rehabilitation of the affected people as well. Beside Southern and Central Provinces, heavy rains and snow fall also reported from North and North Eastern zones of the country. Almost roads and routes connecting far flung areas with Kabul and other zonal head quarters have been closed for traffic. Some of these roads have been blocked by land sliding and some of it affected/destroyed by heavy flood waters. The situation is worst in Kandahar and its surrounding areas. Due to lacking of proper measures and performing in war like situation, the government officials are facing too much hardships and problems in extending of relief to rains, snow and flood affected people throughout the country. The government has already  emergency in almost of hospitals and clinics but these institutions are also facing problems in delivering of first aid and emergency medicines to the affected people due to rough weather and chilly cold. In the wake of lacking of proper arrangements, Government needs to call on ICRC and other international bodies to help in this natural catastrophe. Unfortunately due to one or the other reasons, the Afghans are unable to tackle the heavy rains, floods and other natural disasters due to lacking of resources. Almost of government functionaries are busy in efforts for tacking of terrorism and violent acts besides focusing on reconciliation with the resistance forces and groups. The International community since a long is very faithful towards Afghans and at this stage when almost of Afghanistan was badly affected by heavy rains and floods, it needs to announce emergency help and relief enabling the Afghan government, civil society organizations, tribal and communal groups to help, rescue and rehabilitate the affected families.

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