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ED: Hectic US efforts

Amidst hectic but even heated debate in Moscow International Conference on Afghanistan, President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday night met US Special Envoy for Afghan Peace Process Zalmai Khalilzad, where they discussed peace process and future plans. According to an official statement from Presidential Palace at Kabul, Khalilzad briefed President Ghani over future plans and programs regarding his second round of trip to regional countries. During meeting Khalilzad said to share his visits outcome with President Ghani once he concluded his trip. In return, President Ghani welcomed every step which could help Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process. Little before President Ghani and Khalilzad meeting, Taliban delegation to Moscow conference has made it clear that they are willing to talk with Washington but would not talk with Afghan government. Through such a statement, Afghan Taliban delegation head Sher Muhammad Stanakzai has made surprising no other than his own countrymen. However, it was confirmed allegations and observations pertained to US hands in patronizing of militant and hardliners in the region. Former President Hamid Karzai had made public his mind pertained to doubts about US role in Afghanistan. Karzai while remain in the office at each and every forum made hectic attempts to convince the US high ups for remaining sincere to Afghans as Afghans made blind trust in the US not only after 9/11 but with help of Afghans, the US settled Vietnam score with former USSR. However, recent declaration on the part of Taliban Office Qatar in Moscow international conference could be considered “written on the wall” for President Ashraf Ghani and his team. One thing is very clear that Taliban wants key position in Afghanistan just for re-imposition of its own introduced Islamic doctrine. Time and again, almost Afghan leaders and public opinion from rest of the world hinted that Afghanistan is not the final destination for US and its spy agencies. On such grounds, Taliban high command also needs to re-think its decision of going for another blind trust in the US official policies regarding Afghanistan. Now when the Moscow conference concluded, Zalmay Khalilzad reached in the region for making consultation not only with President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul but also with Taliban’s Qatar political Office and other major stakeholders like Pakistan, India and might be Saudi Arabia. But Khalilzad has no any intension to fly to Tehran or to make part the Iranian authorities of his peace efforts. One thing is very clear that neither Americans are capable to afford huge spending in Afghanistan nor the Afghans are willing to see more and more bloodshed on their soil. Instead of reframing its geo-strategic and economic strategies, it is the time for US to address wishes and expectations of war stricken Afghans. The Afghans are desirous for an early, amicable and durable peace on our soil. Continuation of hostilities and bloodshed this time will not be confined to Afghanistan geographical boundaries.


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