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ED: Highest level of atrocity

There is no source of doubt that Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorists has been making all out efforts to further enroot in Afghanistan. The first signs of their (Daesh) presence—black flags and men claiming allegiance to the group—came in 2014, but for nearly a year the government made little official mention of the militant group’s existence. But today they (Daesh) are killing our men, women, children, even in holy places like mosque. At the outset, even the US officials brushed the reports off as little more than rumors. Soon after terming it as mere propaganda, Daesh militants through their website claimed Afghanistan as part of what they referred to as Khorasan province, which is a reference to a term used centuries ago to define the landmass spanning from Afghanistan into Central and South Asia. But however, since the beginning, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed leader of Daesh in the Middle East, has never outright addressed his group’s ties to the forces in Afghanistan. However, the unfortunate fact is that Daesh is here in Afghanistan, and has been carrying out evil acts against military personnel and civilians. However, it is late, but still there is time to stand firmly against them (Daesh). The most annoying is when they targeted worshipers in different mosques. So this is the highest atrocity ever in the history of world. More than 70 worshipers, including women and children have been killed and more than 50 others wounded in an overnight suicide attack on the Imam Zama mosque in Kabul, claimed by Daesh terrorists. This shows they (Daesh) don’t have knowledge about Islam as Muslim will never kill his brother and sister while performing prayers. Even the holy Islam doesn’t allow Muslims to kill non-Muslim. Don’t know from where this deadly ideology developed. Moreover, their (Daesh) atrocity against Nangarhar residents is like open book to us all. Previously, even they (Daesh) killed new-born baby and torched civilian houses, despite killing large number of them. Furthermore, in that time, Nangarhar security officials arrested some Pakistanis, including women, who were transforming weapons to the Deash terrorists. Two Pakistani women were arrested at a time when they were at eye to transfer documents to Daesh fighters, how to make bombs. It is clean as water that Pakistan all the time wanted war to be fueled in Afghanistan, and to keep this, it has been supporting various terrorist groups. Insurgent outfits are enjoying hideous in Pakistan, actually Pakistan is their (militants) home. Pakistan is the godfather of the militant outfits. So before Daesh and Taliban, Pakistan is number one enemy of Afghan government and the people. As our government said without Pakistan’s support, the militants will not last a week, and that is very true. No support to militants, means no more militants. Now despite, Taliban and Daesh insurgent outfits, we have Pakistan as key source that feeding the very much terrorist groups that Afghan and foreign forces fighting against. The way to get rid of Daesh and Taliban insurgents is only to become heavier on Pakistan, and United State can do this very simply, if there is will. We, the Afghan masses desperately waiting for peace to be restored in our country, and already become fed up with this war which no end sees in sight. Afghan government with support of US can bring peace and stability by getting down Pakistan to its kneel and triggers it to the court of justice for supporting the very agents of chase that we are fighting against.



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