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ED: Hope US be serious on Pakistan

The United States Vice President Mike Pence in his first visit to Afghanistan, called on Pakistan to stop sheltering the armed groups that are carrying out attacks in Afghanistan. In a meeting with President Ashraf Ghani and other senior Afghan leaders, he emphasized on his country’s commitments in support of the government of Afghanistan, saying the support would continue in various fields, but did not specify. Pence also held talks with the US soldiers stationed in the Bagram airbase, where he emphasized that Washington would continue fight against terrorists until what he called “final victory” in Afghanistan.

The people of Afghanistan who see foreign troops in the bases and in the armored vehicles on the roads of their country for sixteen years, still want to know what are these soldiers fighting for? If they are really chasing the hideouts of terrorists, they should have known that such hideouts are not in the Afghan soil. Everyone knows now that terrorists are trained, armed and harbored in our certain neighboring country and are sent to Afghanistan to destabilize the situation by attacking government forces, civilians and even the international troops.

The US vice president also warned that working with America would be in the benefit of Pakistan. He acknowledged that Islamabad had long sheltered Taliban and other terrorist groups. The United States has long accused Pakistan of supporting terrorist groups, saying that it did not seriously help the international community. Unfortunately, the accusations remained in words and practically they did less. The main element that caused the previous government refuse to sign the US military pact was that Washington did not pressure Islamabad to avoid supporting Taliban and other anti-Afghan armed groups. The United States forgets Pakistan’s help to terrorist groups just when Islamabad shows a worthless signal to show it is not helping terrorists. Such warnings that “the time of Pakistan’s harboring to terrorist groups is over” has been actually repeated several times by the US authorities. The United States has to put Pakistan under pressure financially and militarily to bring it to the line of anti-terrorist movement. Afghanistan has turned to a ruin in the so-called war on terror, and people are exhausted of such war. The war on terror should go to the centers of terrorist and this is stupid to chase them in Afghanistan. We hope that the Trump administration stand on its word regarding Pakistan. It is requested to convince Pakistan through different ways to abandon supporting terrorism and killing innocent women and children in Afghanistan.

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