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ED: Ignorance is fatal

The security situation in Afghanistan remains intensely volatile. Nationwide security has been deteriorating–Kabul security also getting worse by passing each day. Complex, and deadly attacks were being carried out in capital that killed and wounded hundreds of residents. The recent spate of deadly attacks across the country could indicate a much worse and more fragile period head. However, as a whole, Afghanistan is stuck with plenty of issues that gradually turn into nation of oblivion. May 31 was the first anniversary of deadly attack in the most diplomatic area of Kabul that killed over 150, and left over 500 injured. It was a shocking incident and unforgettable. But unfortunately, several other fatal attacks occurred that steadily the attack was forgotten. This trend is not good at all. We must remember what is happening and other threats or facts about growing insecurity in a bid to frozen it. Our security bras must keep head when disclosing something that leads to anxiety. Jogging your memory you will remember that recently Minister of Interior, Wais Ahmad Barmak said that terrorists are being transferred to Kabul by black-tinted vehicles. He exhibited the dangerousness of these vehicles, but little has done to stop it. The fact revealed that terror comes in dark-windowed vehicles and police is not able to stop them. When the Interior Minister, Wais Barmak is traveling in a transparent window vehicle—who else is more important than him to drive in a dark-window tints? The unfortunate side is that police seize these vehicles, but some lawmakers advocate for its release. Nevertheless, law is above all. No one has the right to ask for illegal things. The concern of Interior Minister is very logical and recently there was another attack against the Ministry of Interior compound, in which the militants came in black-window vehicles. This is huge problem. Though, all the 10 terrorists were killed, but left behind big question of its backing. Who brought them and who provided them black-tinted vehicles with modern weapons? Reacting to the incident, Barmak alleged terrorists were being kept at private homes in Kabul. After vehicles, now the issue of giving shelters to the militant in Kabul is another headache. This must be probed. This is very serious. The minster has to come up to the fore with giving full details of the homes and its owners, sheltering these evil forces. Tough action against elements safeguarding militants must be taken. The security institutions must not let traitors to kill more innocent Afghans by providing safe havens to the militants. The culprits must be brought to the book. Ignorance would be very much fatal.


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