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ED: India, a reliable ally

Ever since Afghanistan had been unshackled from the chain of Taliban’s totalitarianism in 2001, India has been by its side giving away it could to help the war-ravished country stand on its own. And Pakistan has also played its role to reverse any progress India has helped Afghanistan make. Our belligerent neighbor’s animosity, perceived threats and delusions have been causing destruction. Pakistan’s hysteria and its delinquents’ mania is spawning mayhem and threatening a growing aid coming from the Indian side.

Head of Afghanistan’s national solidarity movement Sayed Ishaq Gailani has made controversial remarks at a recent meeting in Islamabad. He said that the Afghan government provides the context for India to interfere in Pakistan using Afghanistan soil. He also said the current war by the Taliban against foreign forces was no different from the war fought by Mujahideen against the Soviet Union and the Afghan Taliban should be respected for fighting against the US.

These controversial remarks come at a time that the US has increased pressure on Pakistan over providing safe havens to insurgent group. Gailani’s remarks were in support of Pakistan and against the Afghan people and Afghan interests. This is a national treason. His remarks seem quite identical to those of Pakistani army generals and Inter Service Intelligence members.

He is supporting Afghanistan’s treacherous neighbor that has hatched a new game of ‘annihilation and rampage’. This very strategy and game—which is two-pronged in nature is very lethal as on one side Pakistan has been exporting terrorism to Afghan territory while in a so-called hot pursuit of militants its security forces have been showering shells on eastern provinces of Afghanistan. Pakistan is a major state reluctant to Afghanistan’s national sovereignty.

It is the malevolent ISI and the military-infested government in Pakistan having inflicted collateral damage upon Afghanistan. The benevolent India is just helping us recuperate from the harms Pakistan has wreaked upon our torn nation. India is privy to the strategic and topographic significance of Afghanistan and has always retained a sphere of strategic cooperation and economic as well as educational support to Afghanistan. There is no chance that Indians would want to belittle that sphere by attempting espionage against Pakistan from within Afghanistan.

We extol India’s important contributions to stability in Afghanistan, especially in the area of economic assistance and development. Moreover, India is even helping to end the United States’ longest-running war – it is training our armed forces inside its military facilities in India. These military scholarships are helping our defense forces know the nuts-and-bolts of running a war. This is seen as an unconditional and unhampered support. India will never betray the trust it has established with Afghanistan.

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