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ED: Jerusalem is sacred for Muslims

The US President Donald Trump in a reckless move announced Wednesday that he recognized Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel.

The United States congress approved to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 1994, but none of the White House heads dared to fulfill this over the fear of Islamic world’s reactions and this matter remained in the US political archives.

Jerusalem is one of the holy places for Muslims besides Mecca, Medina and other holy cities. The recognition of this holy place is a reckless move by the US government as the Islamic society and the world leaders warned the move as a matter of concern.

Trump’s decision to transfer the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is carried out at a time when the territorial problems between Israel and Palestinians have still remained dissolved. This is universally cleared that Israel has invaded the Palestinians’ lands and the people of Palestine are frequently killed, injured and arrested by the Israeli troops just to protest the invasion.

The United States government that is claiming to play meditation over the disputes between Palestinians and Israel, should have remained neutral and encouraged the two sides to solve their problems through negotiations. The recognition of Jerusalem discovers this fact that the US government is not a well-wisher of the two conflicting sides.

At a time that the world is in an unstable situation and different wars are claiming the lives of people in many countries, Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem will undoubtedly spark another instability not only in the Middle East, not only in the Islamic countries, but in the entire world.

As for several decades, Jerusalem has been the Muslims’ identity and holy place, the United States should restrain from encouraging Israel to occupy more lands of the Muslims and play with Muslims’ belief.

The United States as a super power is expected to play the role of a peace-loving country to create and maintain order and stability in the world. Jerusalem is in fact the red line for Muslims and Washington needs to respect this red line.

Trump’s announcement pleased nobody in the world and it only made Israel happy. It specifically hurt Muslims’ feelings as Jerusalem is their first ‘Qebla’, toward which Prophet Mohammad prayed for the first time.

Trump is requested to review his decision regarding the Jerusalem issue and apologize to the Islamic society for hurting their feelings, because his move has really hurt Muslims’ feelings. He should not take the side of Israel in the conflict with Palestinians and Muslims in general.

Otherwise, the world’s order and stability will become out of control, and in this regard nobody would be responsible but the government of the United States.

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