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ED: Kabul protest turns deadly

Right to peaceful protest is a fundamental right guaranteed in the Constitution. The right to protest is perceived human rights. It involves the exercise of numerous basic rights. Undoubtedly, protests play an important part in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural life of all societies. Historically, protests have often inspired positive social change and improved protection of human rights, and they continue to help define and protect civic space in all parts of the world. Moreover, demonstrations encourage the development of an engaged and informed citizenry and strengthen representative democracy by enabling direct participation in public affairs. In Afghanistan, the Afghan masses are have the right to give vent to their anger by coming out to streets. The Article Thirty-Six of the Constitution says, “the people of Afghanistan shall have the right to gather and hold unarmed demonstrations, in accordance with the law, for attaining legitimate and peaceful purposes.” But the Friday’s protest in Kabul had turned deadly as they came under heavy firing by security forces as they tried to push their way forward to the Presidential Palace. The death toll among protesters at mass rally in Kabul has risen to seven. Sources confirmed that some others protestors were also received injuries. A large number of Kabul residents and civil society activists have staged a massive demonstration, marching through Zanbaq circle, where a huge blast claimed at least hundreds lives and wounded almost 600 others on Wednesday. The demonstrations aim was to march through the Presidential Palace to raise their voices against insecurity and the recent deadly incident in capital city. Down with President Asraf Ghani, down with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abdullah Abdullah, and down with the US, were slogans changed by the protestors. However, the peaceful protests claimed lives, and the landscape totally turned into violence. But, we should not forget that such protests would be a success story for those who were involved in Kabul deadly attack. Turning gunpoint against demonstrators is a move that attacking ourselves instead of enemy. This is what our enemies are looking toward. They become happy when see one Afghan kills by another. The National Unity (NUG) is incompetent—there is no doubt on it. When it can’t control a peaceful demonstration, so how it would be rational to think it could control the entire country. Now the situation got overhead—the NUG leaders are under extreme inferno of angry Kabul protestors. The NUG leaders have to take immediate measures to calm down demonstrators. At the same time it is very important to learn how to protest peacefully. The entire Afghans are very much furious about Wednesday Kabul massacre, but violent protesting is not the solution.


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