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ED: Kandahar explosion

A recent explosion in Kandahar, southern Afghanistan has killed dozens of Taliban insurgents. The identity of blast victims yet to be determined but reportedly all of them were Taliban militants and they were on way for carrying out a deadly attack against the Afghan security forces, guarding the motherland from a check post. However, before reaching the target, vehicles full of explosive materials went off killing the insurgents—the evil plotters. Two days before of this incident, several rivals of the Taliban insurgents were killed in infighting. It’s time for the Taliban insurgents to nod for peace and start negotiation with the Afghan government. Peace is in the best interest of all, even to the Taliban group, while war brings nothing but devastation. However, unfortunately, the war has never been in the interest of Afghans as in the past those who are being killed, injured, displaced, dishonored and affected economically are innocent Afghans. Eight civilians have been killed and four others injured in alliance airstrike in Zurmat district of southeastern Paktia province. The Afghan civilians have been remained the worst victim. Though in end of previous 70’s majority of Afghans have waged a war- a war against the red army for independence and restoration Islamic identity of motherland. But later the alien forces and countries initiated attempts of exploiting war like situation of Afghanistan forgetting their nefarious design. Through one or the other slogans, these alien countries and forces fuelled internal hostilities, rifts and divisions amongst the Afghans. And the modus operandi is still in progress. Some of the alien countries, especially neighbours are making huge investment on fueling tension in Afghanistan and hostilities amongst the Afghans. No one can neglect the fact that Afghanistan and its people were badly affected by imposed wars and hostilities. Millions of people have been killed and similar numbers were made crippled and imputed. War made orphans and widows are visible in each and every corner of the country. Those who are alive and considered as prosperous are also uncertain of future. Almost Afghans now made up by imposed and imported trends of hostilities and wars and they unanimously wants peace and tranquility. Some of the neighbouring countries are making tall and hallow promises and commitments regarding helping return of peace and tranquility in war stricken Afghanistan but in practice outcomes are very disappointing. Even after each and every session of UN, visit of high ranking US official to Kabul or region as well, violent acts are intensifying in all over Afghanistan. Some of these global organs are even now playing role of silent spectators. All Afghans whether they are in government, opposition needs to realize own responsibilities at this crucial stage. Return to peace is very easy if these Afghan leaders, commanders, generals, ulema, intellectuals, technocrats and tribal chieftains were given a chance to set across a table.


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