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ED: Khalilzad and ordinary Afghans

The United States Special Envoy for Afghanistan during his 6th round to Kabul in connection with peace efforts had addressed a group of selected people from Sheberghan, Bamyan and Charikar provinces through a video link. Khalilzad in his address has made it clear that without assurances “guarantee” of Pakistan no one could ensure return of peace even after signing of reconciliation agreement with Taliban. In his address, followed by questions from the viewers, Khalilzad has made it clear that US wants a durable peace in Afghanistan, therefore, he told Pakistan to help in it if he (Pakistan) wants cordial relations with the US. After delivering video link speech to a selected gathering of Kapisa elders in his mother Dari language, Khalilzad flown to Islamabad where he met with Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa. On end of talks between the two Pakistan’s well powerful organ’s mouth piece Inter Services Public Relations issued a brief statement, stating talks held in cordial atmosphere where maximum focus was on peace talks. It added that Zalmay Khalilzad has shown satisfaction over Pakistan’s role. The question arise that who is speaking truth and who is telling lie before rest of the world regarding role of Pakistan in Afghanistan conflict. As Khalilzad in his address to a selected gathering of elders from Kapisa province has shown several resentments over Pakistan policies and asked for its revisions otherwise he threatened its bad impacts on US-Pak relations. In fact, instead of talking to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Dr Khalilzad from last several months approaching/preferring talks with COAS Gen. Bajwa. It confirms that civilian government or political leadership are least concerned in Afghanistan conflict and Pakistan’s armed forces stakes in the conflict. No one can deny that due to its wrong policies, Pakistan is on hot water in the global community. Most recently the team of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) visited Pakistan and after detail talks and scrutiny of acts and action against the hard liners involved in terror acts, termed it disappointing. In this respect, the FATF directed Pakistan to submit a fresh report, which could be discussed in its (FATF) high level body in coming month. Pakistan has already been as gray on FATF list and the recent disappointment of its team has further intensified complications for Pakistan. Interestingly couple of days back in his address to a rally at Bajaur, Pakistan Prime Minister made remarks regarding Afghanistan which he had clarified in the wake of sever reaction. But again before a similar rally at Khyber, Imran repeated his words, asking for an interim government to supervise the elections. It endorses the views of Afghans, regarding interference of Pakistan in their internal affairs. On the other hand, Afghanistan is going to take the countrymen into confidence through traditional Loya Jirga. The Jirga beside elected parliamentarians will also be represented by District Level nominees. Almost Afghans are now moving towards a consensus for peace and reconciliation. And during debates on the Loya Jirga session as well as peace, the public opinion makers, analysts and common men are unanimously unhappy with the role of Pakistan. Common Afghans in streets and helmets throughout the country are also holding responsible Pakistan for their miseries, therefore, now it is a chance with Pakistan to deliver as not only US and some of its allies but the whole Afghan nation and their well-wishers from rest of the world are demanding peace, tranquility, stability and an end to every sort of interference in their motherland, especially from Pakistan.

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