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ED: Khalilzad is thankful to Pakistan

Amidst sever resentment over statement of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding his own-mind idea pertained to interim government in Afghanistan, US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad has concluded his two-day trip to Pakistan. Announcing concluding the visit, Khalilzad in a tweet message said, “just wrapped up two days in Islamabad. Thanked Pakistan for recent efforts supporting the Afghan Peace Process and for re-affirming the understanding that ultimately, Afghans and Afghans alone, will determine their future. Always more work to be done. Back to Kabul.” The US envoy has also confirmed that he is focusing his attentions to make Doha Qatar schedule conference on the patron of Moscow but it could be more representatives. In his talks at Kabul, Khalilzad has made it clear that US giving top priority to peace talks, therefore, he suggested delaying of Presidential elections from next September. So far Presidential elections delayed for two times. Return of peace and inking of reconciliation agreement is not an easy task but former President Hamid Karzai believe that it is easy whenever every sort of foreign interference in internal affairs of the country came to an end. In Moscow, the Afghans-included Taliban representatives have spent good time with each other’s. They shared ideas regarding peace and future of the country in several rounds of meetings besides eating on one table and praying on one sheet for several days. No one felt rivalries and divisions during the days long presence in Moscow. And similar could be easily resumed or could be witnessed whenever they got Moscow like atmosphere in Doha Qatar. No one could deny the fact that almost Afghans are eager to see return of peace and re-unioning of war scattered Afghans but it will be possible with an end to every sort of foreign interference. Almost Afghans have shown concern over irresponsible statement on the part of Pakistan Prime Minister but at the same time they are also ironic over “silence of Zalmay Khalilzad” on this issue. Such a statement is not only naked interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan but it is concerned a move of influencing the US brokered peace efforts and ending of hostilities in Afghanistan. Amidst continue peace efforts, the Unity government has convened the Grand Assembly-called Loya Jirga on April 29th. Though no one could challenge credibility and effectiveness of the Loya Jirga but the Unity government’s move is also considered too late and meaningless. From last several years, overwhelming majority of the country requested Loya Jirga for debating issues like increasing violence and re-uniting of militants, rising hostilities of Taliban, one-sided act of Pakistan regarding fencing of controversial Durand Line and imposing so-called border restrictions and addressing anomalies of National Constitution. But high ups in the National Unity Government has turned these requests to deaf ears. Now instead of hunting for justifications of hindering the peace efforts, the Unity Government needs to take the political and religious leaders into confidence and evolve a strategy for gaining maximum through US brokered peace efforts and reconciliation.

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