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ED: Let’s make Afghanistan greater

There would be no disagreement to say that the ongoing conflict is not only killing thousands among our compatriots, but will ruin several generations to come. Pretty sure that the people around the globe will agree on this, while putting glance at war-hit countries and their uncertain situation. In fact the new generations will meet nothing but anarchy in legacy that upcoming several generations required to maintain order by beating disorder. This is not easy task, years and years need to overcome it. Sadly what is happening right now is something that will destroy generations. Not only those in their 20s or 30s, but even those who are around 15. Especially those children have been taken by militant outfits and currently under military training to stand negatively against their own brothers and sisters. Recently reports surfaced in media outlets that 300 Afghan children are under military training of the Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorist group. It’s one among the various indicators that shows the dangerous nature of the conflict. This is very irritating, and Daesh and other extremist groups must bear in mind that using child solider is against Islamic teachings and human valves. It is totally disgusting, showing militant outfits left with no option but to hide wrath of Afghan security forces by turning Afghan children as shields. All their (children under military captivity of Daesh terrorist) hopes are destroyed, and they don’t see any future. Not to forget they are a part of our upcoming generation. This already proved the new generation have so badly affected by the conflict. When we click to media outlets, we get news of rising civilian casualties. Insurgents overrun districts and rural areas—forcing the residents to flee their town and homes. And they rush towards Kabul for better and safe life. But still, they are not safe as in one day more than 100 Kabul residents martyred and over 400 other wounded when a track bombing went off on May 31. Like that several deadly attacks happened. It means no one feel safe. In the Kabul, the capital city, the Taliban insurgents and the Daesh extremist group, frequently conduct suicide attacks. Recently we lost our 13 brave and patriotic police officers and 16 others received injuries in the same heinous act of terrorism. Several deadly suicide attacks took place and news footage from the aftermath of such brutality showed dead bodies lying on debris-strewn streets between severely damaged or destroyed houses and shops. Watching and reading the news, Kabul seems to be more lethal war zone than districts. Broadcasting dead bodies of innocent people and security forces—creating unrest and psychological problems is not a wise competition among the TV channels. There should be some sort of consensus between the government and media outlets over the issue. When we are being engaged in declared war, why there should be rift within the government leaders. Currently political instability and individualism is very much visible. Blaming Presidential Palace of corruption and accusing it for no will to fight Daesh, will not help us get in right direction, but helps the notorious enemies. If anyone levels such type of accusations, then he must be bound to prove it. If not, the government must bring him/her to the book. We must restrain from claiming something which is not on air. A very heart-winning statement has given by President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday, saying the era of anarchy has been ended in Afghanistan. “No power can stop Afghanistan from achieving national goals.” This is a very promising message, indicting, he (President Ghani) will not let anyone to play with rights and hopes of Afghan people, or turn the country towards chaos. Let’s work together to not only thwart the conspiracies of the worn enemies, but also pull our motherland out of the current conflict. This would be a matter of great shame to leave an unstable country in legacy that our previous generation left to us. Keeping in view the prevailing situations in the country and around the globe, the government leadership, opposition benches inside and outside the Parliament, political pressure groups, civil society and the general masses must be on the same page when it comes to the national interests, the country’s sovereignty and crackdown against terrorists, terror sponsor states and champions of anarchy. This is the way to keep lodge of Afghan-ism and make Afghanistan greater and tall.



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