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ED: Let’s respect Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month for the Islamic society in which Muslims across the world try to get closer to God by taking fast and performing more prayers. This is called as the month in which God the Almighty hosts those who are fasting and forgive the sins they have committed. Ramadan is one of the months that are called ‘Haram’ (forbidden), not only eating and drinking is forbidden, but all matters that cause sin are forbidden in this month.

Unfortunately, innocent civilians are killed in many Islamic countries even in this holy month. Afghanistan, in which war is continued for about four decades, is entering another month of Ramadan. People are suffering from terror and this phenomenon claims and threatens the lives of them who are thirsty for peace.

The opposition armed groups that claim they are fighting “for Islam”, still continue to kill Muslim people. In a recent attack against an army base in Kandahar province, the Taliban militants martyred at least 15 soldiers and wounded some others, the Muslim soldiers who were getting prepared for Ramadan. At the first day of Ramadan, 18 mostly civilians were killed in Khost province.

This is not hidden now that who is Muslim and who is acting against Muslims and fight only in favor of their foreign masters. If the Taliban are really Muslims, they should avoid attacking security forces and civilians.

More than 99 percent of Afghan population are Muslims and follow Islamic orders more than those individuals that are Muslim just by name, but their act is completely evil and against Islamic orders.

The people of Afghanistan need and have the right to live in peaceful atmosphere and far from bloodshed and devastation.

The government and people of Afghanistan want fight stopped so they can spend the holy month of Ramadan with no reports of war and violence.

This is not only Afghans who call for peace. The United Nations mission in Afghanistan suggested the opposition armed groups to hold a ceasefire during the month of Ramadan. This should be a lesson to the insurgent groups to give up killing of innocent Muslims that want peace and brotherhood.

This is the voice of every Afghan that let’s respect the holy month of Ramadan with praying and loving each other, not killing each other.


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