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ED: Mending relations

Recently a high-ranking Pakistan delegation has visited Afghanistan, aimed at easing tensions between the two neighbors. At the status-quo relations between the two nations is in the lowest point. It is almost in its brink of collapse. The Afghan government has every reason not to treat well its neighbor. The enemies of Afghans are living in Pakistan. From there the militants are masterminding evil acts, killing and wounding huge number of innocent Afghan masses. None can deny the supporting and harboring militants by the military establishment of Pakistan. Top leaders of the militants who were killed or died in Pakistan are a clear example of how much love Pakistan giving to them. Even it considered it as their strategic asset. From Afghan side, the government did their best to have good relations with Pakistan, but received cold shoulder all the time. For instance, President Ashraf Ghani visited Pakistan soon after he assumed office. The core reason of his visit was to mend the rusting ties. At the outset, President Ghani acted carefully to improve ties with Islamabad. However, after increase of suicide and other inhuman acts, while the perpetrators calming responsibility for these brutal attacks setting in Pakistan—President Ghani had left with no other option but to come hard on Pakistan for its supports to the militants. Ghani criticized Pakistan for consistently providing refuge to the militants responsible for the attack in Afghanistan. This is not the only effort; former President Hamid Karzai visited Islamabad more than 20 times during his presidency. Again, the sole reason was to have good relations with the country. Again, and again Afghan leaders received nothing in return, but increase in insurgency. One thing that Pakistan has to realize is that the enemies of Kabul cannot be friends of Pakistan. The object of terrorism is terrorism, and its flame would soon burn Pakistan. Serious attention has to be paid in fight against terror. It is worth mentioning that Pakistan already in trouble with militants. Anyways, it seems that Pakistan is looking for change in its approach toward Afghanistan. The recent Pakistan delegation in a press conference told Afghan newsmen to forget the past. When they returned, the delegation head, National Assembly Speaker Ayaz Sadiq said the Afghan leadership and the people of the country had shown the utmost respect to the delegation of Pakistani lawmakers. “Our dialogue proceeded in a pleasant environment. They provided us with every comfort and gave us the respect that is given not only to a neighboring country, but to a brother,” the Pakistan speaker told reporters in Islamabad. It is hoped that the delegation realized that Afghan leadership, and Afghan masses are desired to have better relations with Pakistan, and nothing else. One thing which is very interesting for the Afghan masses is that why Pakistan at this time willing to have good relations with Afghanistan. Maybe, Pakistan fears of more sidelines at regional level. It fears for being isolating further. It is like open book that what South Asian Association for Regional Countries (SAARC) did with Pakistan aimed heightened tensions over terrorisms. Almost all SAARC members’ countries boycotted to attend summit in Pakistan in campaign to isolate the country, which was worked. Now the country is alone, thinking to fix relations with these countries through improving relations with Afghanistan.



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