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ED: Mobilization against terrorists

Afghanistan is a multiethnic society. The population of the country is divided into wide variety of ethno- linguistic groups, which is indeed a great source of pride. We are proud of all ethnics in our motherland, and their contribution toward peace and stability of the war-hit country. On Tuesday, tribal elders from all ethnics have strongly condemned the recent terrorist attack on the Afghan National Army’s 209th Corps Headquarters in northern Balkh province, while urging all tribesmen across the country to come up and mobilize against terrorists. At least 138 soldiers were killed in an attack conducted by the Taliban insurgents. Over 60 others were wounded. In fact, tribal elders across Afghanistan are working together for bringing peace and stability in the country. But, there is need for more efforts. There is an urged need of tribal elder’s mobilization against terrorists, and work collectively to show public the real face of the terrorists. Killing of innocent human by the name of Jihad is totally in contrary with the Islamic teachings, and absolutely inhuman act. Killing people at a time of Friday prayers is an act of atrocity indeed. Destroying mosque, a holy place where Muslims are performing prayers is unjustifiable at the eyes of Islam. This is the duty of every Afghans to stand against such barbaric act. But, moreover, the tribal elders could play a key role in this regard. The tribesmen should educate people that the ongoing conflict in the country is not Afghan profile—rather it regional intelligence war that unfortunately the Afghans are the victims in form of human lose, and their land at form of sovereignty. The tribesman should tell the people to mobilize against any sort of action by any names that undermine the sovereignty of the country. The drop of biggest non-nuclear bomb by the US forces in Nangarhar province was a clear violation to our sovereignty. The tribal elders should discharge their obligation honestly and transparently. They are dong efforts, but it is not sufficient. People would listen to them. They are having a great place in our society and their voice is well-acceptable and well-listen. Even the government would pay more heeds toward their demands and requests. First, they should mobilize against terrorists collectively and call upon the Taliban, and the Islamic State (IS) insurgents to shun violence and put an end to their irrational war. Time is ripe for the Afghan mass that through tribal elder’s mobilization to firmly stand against foreign and domestic terrorists aimed at rescuing our nation. Some tribal elders have said that if Taliban insurgents are true Muslims, so why they are taking weapons from Russia. It is a great notice. They (Taliban) have to think to who they’re in war. Killing their Muslim brothers, and sisters are totally forbidden in Islam. At this stage, tribal elders can play a significant role in educating Taliban fighters, and other insurgent outfits regarding true Islamic teachings.

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