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ED: NATO decisive to eliminate Daesh in Afghanistan

The NATO-led Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan has recently said that the Daesh terrorist group would be “defeated” by the end of the 1396 (Afghan year) in the country.

A spokesman for the NATO troops has vowed that the organization would not let Afghanistan turn into a safe haven for the terrorists.

The NATO-led troops that ended their combat mission in Afghanistan at the end of 2014 are now busy in training and advising the Afghan security forces. The spokesman for the Resolute Support mission has also claimed that the Afghan security forces are now in a better position comparing to the last Afghan year, being well equipped that have killed and injured several Daesh fighters.

Afghanistan that was suffering from Taliban attacks since the group was ousted by a US-led invasion in 2001 is facing a new threat by the Daesh terrorist group since 2014.

The NATO’s recent remarks can be good news for the war-affected people of Afghanistan. But people hope that NATO will be serious and fulfill its promises, because the international troops came to Afghanistan with a similar promise. They started operations to save the country from Taliban attacks, while the group has not been weakened, but is getting stronger with carrying out more attacks against the civilians.

The only thing that is very important for Afghans is ensuring a lasting peace and stability in their homeland. To reach this purpose, the government and people need the assistance from the international coalition.

If the Daesh terrorist group is removed, at least a part of the Afghans’ concern will be decreased and our security force will get more chance and stability to fight in one front and against one enemy.

The Daesh’s strongholds are mostly in the eastern areas of the country, bordering with Pakistan. There is no doubt that the terrorist group’s fighters come from the neighboring country after getting trained and being equipped there.

The NATO is requested to use its influence to put Islamabad under pressure to eliminate terrorists’ havens in its soil so that the two people will be confident with their security.

Our NATO allies should also pay more attention to equipping Afghan security forces to be fully ready in defending their territorial integrity.


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