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ED: No more conflict

It has been like a dream to all to see a peaceful solution to the protract fissure between President Ashraf Ghani and former Balkh governor, Atta Mohammad Noor. The nuisance saga comes forward after President Ghani accepted the resignation letter tendered by Noor. But, Noor immediately rejected it, saying his resignation was based on condition which was not fulfilled, thus his resignation holds no ground. Since that there were several words of clash that was also become a great source of tension for the commoners because anxiety was at boiling point. The scenario was not as simple as to prescribe so simply, but the way it resolved is incredible. The political maturity is clearly visible here. Both President Ghani and Noor exemplified not to the Afghans only, but to the world that the era of chaos and anarchy has been over. Political difference will be here, but nothing could be taken above national interest and this has been proved basically today. It was even fear that the protracted conflict between them could endanger the US mission in Afghanistan, as US embassy in Afghanistan was always emphasized on peaceful solution to the problem. This shows the seriousness of the issue. Even imminent mass demonstration sought by Noor if Ghani does not agree to electoral and constitutional reforms beside other issues. The aim was to have corruption-free elections–something very much important for upcoming presidential race in 2019. There were so many conditions on the table for President Ghani, in which according to Noor has been accepted. This is a win-win situation, but the most importantly it tranquil concerns of the common Afghan masses that has been in hazy situation since the rift kicked off. It was totally sparked fears of civil violence and also highlighted a fractious political climate among our elite figures. Our leaders have grassroots support among the people and Noor is also a chief executive of a powerful political party which has influential figures and huge followers. It could be a massive clash as both the Presidential Palace and Noor’s party is our two national giant with vast supporters—but the way this conflict ended is unexpectedly surprised everyone. Anyways, after an end-over in conflict, the entire Afghans will take breath of serenity and our leaders would spend more time and energy in other fundamental issues of our country.





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