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ED: One century after independence

Afghanistan gained its independence from then only superpower the Great Britain after the third Anglo-Afghan in August 1919 during the reign of the young king Amanullah.

The Britons who were ruling Indian sub-continent never imagined that the poor nation who lacked enough weaponry comparing to the enemy’s modern army armed with the time’s sophisticated weaponries.

As the people of Afghanistan never accept invasion of their homeland by outsiders and they had proved it in the past by standing against the bullying and invasion of Alexander the Great and then Genghis Khan who both failed to tighten domination in this land, this time they stood against another invader with very elementary weapons, but a strong feeling of patriotism and love to their motherland.

The tragedy of invasion was repeated once again and this time by the newly-appeared superpower (Soviet Union) who sent soldiers to our country in 1979, but was forced to leave Afghanistan ashamed after 10 years.

But unfortunately, the people of Afghanistan did not experience a peaceful life even since the British invasion. Several wars mostly on power took calmness and welfare from the brave and patriotic people and destruction of their home has been continuing until now.

Some countries in the region who cannot tolerate a stable and peaceful Afghanistan in their neighborhood, try to not let Afghans live under the shadow of peace. These countries who have never been threatened by the people of Afghanistan, try to keep the flame of war ablaze. They implement their plans through naïve people who do not know the value of their motherland. The interfering countries use these uneducated people who destroy their home and kill their brothers and sisters.

What the people of Afghanistan want is peace and no Afghan opposes efforts leading to a lasting peace, because they have given sacrifices in the 40 years of war.

Now, people are optimistic to the efforts for peace and hope the efforts lead them to durable peace. But inside the country and inside the government, there are some elements to oppose these efforts and try to directly or indirectly sabotage the process just because of their personal interests and the continuation of their power.

These people are requested to stop childish pertinacity and should realize that national interests are always in priority. They should not make obstacles before peace efforts and let the tired of war people experience peace in their lives.

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