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ED: Optimistic over security situation

Afghanistan’s war is fueled by support from within Pakistan for Taliban insurgents, and also poor governance that has made easier for militants to carry out attacks. Corruption among military, fragile security situation and a weak rule of law has helped militants a lot to be engaged in their evil business by the covert and overt support receiving by Islamabad. Since 2014 that presidential election was marred by massive corporation that resulted into establishing of National Unity Government, this has prevented the government from implementing widely supported reform, notable against corruption in every sector, especially administrative and military. The number of terrorist attack is on the rise in the country, and security situation in Afghanistan remained a challenging. Militants have been conducting heinous crimes across the country, and indeed there can be no justification for them. The Afghan masses are worried about worsening security situation, and also the intensifying activities extremist groups, including Islamic State (IS), aka Daesh terrorist group. They are also concern over slow political and economic progress and negative perceptions about the country’s prospects. However, despite that the Afghan people observing lack of coordination in every field, but still they believe that the war is winnable. It is very much encouraging, when Afghan security force are proving metal in the battleground against militants. The sense of defending motherland and willingness to safeguard country’s sovereignty at cost of their lives, generating hope to be optimistic regarding brighter and peaceful Afghanistan. To improve security, the government is working on a four-year security plan through which major changes will happened in the security forces sector. Government announced that the four year security plan has been made based on comprehensive assessments aimed at improving security and defense forces. Key points of the security plan according to officials—mobilizing ground forces and establishing a powerful management for the soldiers—increasing the number of helicopters, warplanes such as Super Tucano, military jets and also mobilizing of Afghan Air Force—increasing and mobilizing commando units—bringing reforms in supplying forces or activating a non-stop supply system from troops—empowering intelligence, investigative and engineering sectors. Surly, if these security plans implemented completely, Taliban and other militant outfits would find now hideouts to hide. Military and civilian causality would also be dropped to a dramatic level, as every year Afghan masses are the worst victim. Among the concerns that the spring war would be bloody one with serious fighting, the Afghan masses believe that security forces will defeat the militants and will chase them in every valley and mountain of the war-hit country.






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