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ED: Pakistan to change mind

Pakistani officials seem to change behavior to Afghanistan as its foreign ministry has said that there were hopes of a “permanent” reopening of the crossings with Afghanistan. Foreign ministry spokesman, Nafees Zakaria said Thursday that Islamabad was taking steps to resume normal trade and movement of people across the crossings, emphasizing on “soon” of the crossings reopening which was closed by Pakistan government one month ago after a deadly suicide attack at a Sufi shrine in Sindh province.

It seems that the authorities in our neighboring country are realizing the fact that the closure will not solve problems, but will add more as people in both countries will be affected by the crossing closure.

The two countries have suffered millions of dollars loss since the Torkham and Spin Boldak crossings were closed, which Islamabad is the main affected. This is clear that Afghan government needs to import Pakistani goods and hundreds of patients travel for health treatment in the Pakistani hospitals. Also, Afghans still live in Pakistan areas and their relatives travel to visit them.

But this is not only the need of Afghanistan. Pakistan is the first suffering the loss. Where the Pakistani traders will export their merchandise if the crossings remain closed? Every other country in the region is self-sufficient and do not need to import essentials from Pakistan.

Besides that, this is clear that the government of Afghanistan does not let anyone use its territory against other countries. This is the policy of Afghanistan to have peaceful co-existing relationships with the neighboring countries.

Pakistan soil is used as a safe haven for the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Haqqani terrorist network against the people of Afghanistan and does not need rhetoric as the international community knows this very well.

Peace will be ensured just when all sides look for their stability and economic development in the other side’s stability and development. So, our Pakistani brothers and sisters have to realize this fact too and work for the removal of terrorism.

The people of Afghanistan welcome the decision of Pakistani officials regarding the reopening of the crossing points and hoped it would be really permanent and the crossing points are not used as the tools of Pakistan policy. People in the two countries respect each other and need to live in a peaceful atmosphere. And our economies will blossom when we fight security problems hands in hands.


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